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Machine Embroidery Designs for All Occasions

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Designs for Doll Clothes-Original Collection
An assortment of designs that I have miniaturized for decorating doll clothes.
They can also be used on small human children's items like socks or collars.
BD 488 $4.99 
All orders are sent via email
NOTE: These are EMBROIDERY DESIGNS only! The actual clothes were sewn from patterns by Joan Hinds, Krause Publications,


Shown below are the designs included in this set:
Design sizes are shown under each design to help you decide which design will work for your particular doll garment.


BD 488-01

25.9x45.1 mm

1.02 x 1.78 inches


BD 488-02

44.2x42.2 mm

1.74 x 1.66 inches


BD 488-03

24.3x33.2 mm

0.96 x 1.31 inches


BD 488-04

31.3x35.1 mm

1.23 x 1.38 inches


BD 488-05

25.3x32.1 mm

1.00 x 1.26 inches



BD 488-06

42.3x39.9 mm

1.67 x 1.57 inches


BD 488-07

39.4x24.7 mm

1.55 x 0.97 inches


BD 488-08

27.5x32.2 mm

1.08 x 1.27 inches


BD 488-09

34.3x25.6 mm

1.35 x 1.01 inches



BD 488-10

39.8x38.2 mm

1.57 x 1.50 inches



BD 488-11


1.41 x 1.26 inches


BD 488-12

42.1x31.9 mm

1.66 x 1.26 inches

 FREE SAMPLE Doll Clothes Design


You are welcome to download

this sample design

Download includes hus, jef, pes, vip, vp3 formats

Click on graphic to download 

The photo below shows a few of the machine embroidered designs on doll clothes made for an 18" doll, such as American Girl.
The t-shirts are all made using  very lightweight knits, and the shorts and skirts are lightweight cotton types.


All orders are sent via email
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