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Designs for Doll Clothes-Casual Collection
BD 490  $4.99 
*This set does not include any doll clothes or doll clothes patterns for sewing. This is a set of machine embroidery designs
 in digital form that can be used to embellish home-sewn doll clothes, for an 18" doll such as American Girl.
***All orders are sent via email***
Here are photos of the designs stitched on doll clothes...see design pictures separately in the lower table


I Heart my Cat t-shirt paired with skinny jeans


I Heart my Dog t-shirt paired with short leggings


Princess t-shirt paired with leggings

Apple summer top paired with skort


 Rainbow frayed-hem mini-skirt paired with summer top


Peace tank top paired with cutoff jeans


Funny Face tank top paired with cutoff jeans


Love t-shirt paired with leggings


Sunflower mini-skirt paired with tank top


Days of the Week panties (see separate designs below)

See bottom of page for links to additional

Designs for Doll Clothes

 The pictures below are all of the designs included in this set


BD 490-01

54.6 x 58.9 mm (2.10x2.32 ")


BD 490-02

56.4 x 55.6mm (2.22x2.19 ")


BD 490-03

45.4 x 48.1 mm (1.79x1.89 ")


BD 490-04

50.0 x 50.0 mm (1.97x1.97 ")


BD 490-05

63.7 x 51.8 mm (2.51x2.04 ")


BD 490-06

78.0 x 45.3 mm (3.07x1.78 ")


BD 490-07

30.0 x 44.0 mm (1.18 x 1.73 ")



BD 490-08

63.6 x 22.6 mm (2.50x0.89 ")


BD 490-09

57.6 x 28.4 mm (2.27x1.12 ")


BD 490-10

55.0 x 24.2 mm (2.17x0.95 ")


BD 490-11

63.0 x 25.1 (2.48x0.99 ")


BD 490-12

57.2 x 25.9 mm (2.25x1.02 ")


BD 490-13

44.8 x 27.7 mm (1.76x1.09 ")


BD 490-14

57.4 x 34.8 mm (2.26x1.37 ")


BD 490 Free Sample

30.6 x 36.0 mm (1.20x1.42 ")

Click on graphic to download hus, jef, pes, vip, vp3 formats

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