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Designs for Doll Clothes-Pretties Collection
BD 491 $4.99 
These little designs are perfect for decorating doll clothes. They are sized to be sewn on clothing for an 18" doll, such as American Girl.
These are machine embroidery designs only...not doll clothes or doll clothes patterns.
If you like to sew doll clothes, you will have fun adding these designs to make them extra-special!
Designs included in this set are shown below:


BD 491-01

54.8x63.6 mm (2.16x2.50")



BD 491-02

46.8x52.2 mm (1.84x2.06")


BD 491-03

44.2x63.0 mm (1.74x2.48")


BD 491-04

57.0x35.2 mm (2.24x1.39")


BD 491-05

50.7x33.0 mm (2.00x1.30")


BD 491-06

55.0x35.0 mm (2.17x1.38")


BD 491-07

66.8x50.6mm (2.63x1.99")


BD 491-08

62.0x65.0 mm (2.44x2.56")



33.8x45.1 mm (1.44x1.78")


BD 491-10

55.8x37.4 mm (2.20x1.47")


BD 491 Free Sample

Shamrock Design for Panties

20.2x19.7 mm (.80x.78")

Click on graphic to download 

Here are some doll clothes that I made featuring the embroidery designs in this set:










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