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Machine Embroidery Designs for All Occasions

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Forest Friends
Twelve Sweet little forest-dwellers, each in two sizes. Both sizes can be stitched in the 4"x4" hoop, however the smaller size is "mini". Please see the size descriptions under each picture. The larger size is labeled 4x4, the smaller is labeled Mini.
There are 24 designs total in this set (12 designs x 2 sizes).
BD 585  $ 8.99
ALL ORDERS ARE SENT VIA EMAIL...Please check both your Inbox and Spam folder


BD 585-01

4x4: 54.9x95.1 mm (2.16x3.74")

Mini: 34.9x60.2 (1.37x2.37")


BD 585-02

4x4: 75.0x80.1 mm (2.95x3.15")

Mini: 37.4x40.1 mm (1.47x1.58")


BD 585-03

4x4: 53.2x95.2mm (2.09x3.75")

Mini: 33.7x59.9mm (1.33x2.36")


BD 585-04

4x4: 88.7x94.9mm (3.49x3.74")

Mini: 33.7x59.9 mm (1.33x2.36")


BD 585-05

4x4: 89.9x60.0mm (3.54x2.36")

Mini: 54.9x36.7 mm (2.16x1.4")


BD 585-06

4x4: 66.7x95.0 mm (2.63x3.74")

Mini: 35.2x49.9 mm (1.39x1.96")

 BD 585-07

4x4: 79.7x72.3mm (3.14x2.85")

Mini: 38.1x35.1 mm (1.50x1.38")


BD 585-08

4x4: 74.0x80.0 mm (2.91x3.15")

Mini: 37.1x40.1 mm (1.46x1.58")


BD 585-09

4x4: 66.0x95.0 mm (2.60x3.74")

Mini: 41.8x60.0mm (1.65x2.36")


BD 585-10

4x4: 52.7x95.0mm (2.07x3.74")

Mini: 33.4x60.0mm (1.31x2.36")

BD 585-11

4x4: 94.8x72.6mm (3.73x2.86")

Mini: 57.9x47.6mm (2.28x1.87") 


4x4: 94.8x60.0mm (3.73x2.39")

Mini: 56.4x36.2mm (2.22x1.43")

ALL ORDERS ARE SENT VIA EMAIL...Please check both your Inbox and Spam folder
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