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 BD 634
In two sizes, both for the 4"x4" hoop
$5.99    $4.99 Halloween Sale
ALL ORDERS ARE SENT VIA EMAIL...Please check both your Inbox and Spam folder


BD 634-01

73.4x46.3mm (2.89x1.82")

95.1x59.9mm (3.74x2.36")

BD 6334-02

94.8x89.9mm (3.73x3.54")

84.8x80.4mm (3.34x80.4") 


BD 634-03

65.8x60.2mm (2.59x3.16")

49.4x80.4mm (1.94x2.37")


BD 634-04

68.2x88.2mm (2.69x3.47")

58.1x75.1mm (2.29x2.96")


BD 634-05

84.9x95.2mm (3.34x3.75")

67.1x75.2mm (2.64x2.96")


BD 634-06

84.9x95.2mm (3.34x3.75")

67.1x75.2mm (2.64x2.96")

 BD 634-07

97.8x41.4mm (3.85x1.63")

81.5x36.3mm (3.35x1.43")


BD 634-08

29.4x98.7mm (1.16x3.89")

25.4x84.9mm (1.00x3.34")


BD 634-09

61.7x97.7mm (2.43x3.85")

47.5x75.1mm (1.87x2.96")


BD 634-10

80.0x90.1mm (3.15x3.55")

66.8x75.1mm (2.63x2.96")


 ClipArt furnished by The Happy Graphic
ALL ORDERS ARE SENT VIA EMAIL...Please check both your Inbox and Spam folder


Halloween Freebie-05

For the 4"x4" hoop

Download includes

hus, jef, pes, vip, vp3 formats 

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